How to breathe new life into old things

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Do you know that feeling?! You walk into a room one day and you think to yourself: “I should make a change here”. I felt the same way when I decided to renovate my living room.

Then the question arose whether I should buy new furniture or not. But new furniture is expensive and if the old furniture is just thrown away, it is also bad for the environment. Besides that, it feels much better to refurbish furniture according to individual ideas than to just go to the store and spend a lot of money on something that one in four people have in their living room. So the decision to redesign my furniture was made quickly.

If you are redesigning your furniture for the first time, I am sure that many questions will come to your mind. I will try to answer the most important ones in the following blog post.

Which color is the right one for my furniture?



These pictures show the two side tables that I upcyceled. As you can see, both of them have a dark wood color.

Tastes are different, so I can’t tell you which color you should choose for your furniture. But I can tell you why I chose a deep black with a marble effect for my side tables.

First of all I thought about a room concept for my “new” living room. I decided that white, grey and black should be the basic colors (yes I know these aren’t real colors 🙂 ) Blue is the accent color in my room. Large pieces of furniture are kept in white. That makes the room look large and airy. Small pieces of furniture, like my two side tables, should become an eye-catcher. Therefore I chose the color black for them. But painting them in the accent color blue would also have been an option.

What you should keep in mind when choosing the color tone: Different colors evoke different emotions in us. Cool colors like blue etc. have a calming effect. Warm colors such as yellow or orange can attract attention and evoke energy.

But in principle everything is allowed! Find the color that makes you happy! Colorful is also an option.

If you have decided on a color concept and a corresponding color tone, you can now buy the color. When buying the color, you should make sure that the color sticks to the material of which your furniture is made of. Please note the product description. My side tables are made of solid wood. So a commercial colored lacquer is the exactly right thing.

5 steps to repaint your furniture

1.) Remove the old paint from the furniture

You can achieve this either by sanding down or leaching the paint. If the wood of the furniture is untreated, you only have to clean it before applying the new color.

2.) Apply the paint

When you cleaned the surface thoroughly and it its dry and free of residue, the pain will adhere well. For a small, uneven piece of furniture with many edges (like my side tables) I would recommend spraying the paint instead of applying it with a brush. This is faster and looks more even. The colored lacquer is available in spray cans. Alternatively, you can use a paint sprayer if you already have one.

3.) Let the paint dry

This can take from several minutes up to one day. It depends on the paint you used as well as the temperature and humidity.

4.) Add effect

When the furniture is dry, you can use an effect spray to make your design look even more valuable and individual. You can buy different effect sprays at the hardware store. I have chosen a marble spray in the color silver. This looks great on a black as well as on a white background. It is also very easy to handle.

5.) Seal

To keep your furniture looking beautiful for a long time, do not forget to seal it. You can use a clear varnish for this. There are available from matt to high gloss.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Then write us a comment! If not: Have fun upcycling! I am sure your friends will envy you for your self-designed furniture.

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