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Welcome to our upcycling community!

We dream of a world of people caring for the environment and doing their part in saving our planet earth. To make this dream reality, we provide platform for people who like to share their ideas or tips on how to use old and unused things and turn them into gold or how to spread this lifestyle. We want you to become part of this movement.

Furthermore, we will give tips ourselves about how to use storytelling in social media, blogs etc. on how you can enlarge your community or how to get in touch with others.

Be PART of the Movement and turn OLD into GOLD

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Upcycled footballs

Why a shock can sometimes help the earth

Shocking people can have a healing effect – for our environment. How? Use upcycling to trigger thoughts about the reuse of old things instead of throwing them away. Start helping transforming our society by reading this post!

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